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What our clients say

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'Finally a knowledgeable and enthusiastic agency who has our interests at heart and not just how much they can bill us! Green Coneís lucky day when they found Deborah Gray PR.'

John Cockram, Managing Director, Green Cone Ltd

Deborah Gray PR Client Green Cone Ltd

'As a fledgling company, WLC was greatly in need of guidance in the field of PR. Deborah Gray PR has provided us with this invaluable expertise, building our reputation with innovative ideas that have helped us become the high profile company that we are today.'

Martin Grundon, Managing Director, West London Composting

Deborah Gray PR Client Scape Design Associates Ltd

'Scape has always held an ideal to collaborate with talented industry leaders and our consultants are no exception. Deborah Gray threw herself into understanding what makes our practice unique, our brand strong and has been tirelessly proactive ever since. It is our pleasure to return the endorsement and reveal that Deborah is a driven PR professional who knows who we are, whatís best for us and aims for the right exposure at the right time, to the right clientele. You canít ask for more.'

Phil Jaffa, Director, Scape Design Associates Ltd

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