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In the wake of the recent MPís expenses scandal, it was heartening to hear political commentators predict good things in future elections for the Green Party. What is more important is that the Greens, with a big "G", are finally being talked about as a viable political party up there with the main three. Being green, with a small "g", is now officially cool. Shoppers proudly brandish their recycled fabric shopping bags on high streets, and your carbon footprint is watched as much as your weight.

It wasn't always like this. Time was, when you were at a party and the conversation turned to such things, coming out as an environmentalist came with a lorry-load of stereotypes. Friends, and come to think of it complete strangers, would crack jokes about self-sufficiency in the home-counties and homemade rhubarb wine. Thank-you Tom and Barbara Goode. Other dinosaurs would confuse environmental thinking with vegetarianism and activism, and assume you spent your free time eating tofu-burgers and not washing at the Newbury bypass protests.

Fortunately attitudes are finally starting to change, and I go to better parties. Now the general public finally begins to realise the importance of environmental thinking, it is absolutely crucial that they have the best information at their fingertips, presented in the clearest possible fashion.

This is where PR comes in useful. It is all about the effective communication of information, and this is exactly what the recycling and waste management industry desperately needs. Instead of product launches, I visit composting sites. Instead of "working lunches", I arrange forums with community leaders. Instead of spending my time in account cabs, or flying to Europe for seminars, I can use online video conferencing and emailing. I can even utilise social networking sites help me establish a real and immediate connection with local communities. Yes, I am a Facebooker, and itís marvellous, and not just for the kids.

I'm just using tried and trusted PR techniques, updated for the Digital Age. Ambrose Bierce once famously said "Thereís nothing new under the sun". He didn't work in PR, but he did have a nice turn of phrase, and in this case he was right. I find that old ideas filtered through new multi-platform digital channels can produce exciting results. At this time of immense change, it is the green businesses that will come through winning, and you will hear more on this in a few weeks.

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